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5 Simple and Easy Tips on Carpet Care and Maintenance

May 31, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets go beyond being a decoration in your home. It offers an array of benefits: it provides warmth, a safety device against falls, and slips and creates a better sound-absorbing room. However, we all know that keeping a clean carpet calls for extensive dedication and commitment. How you disinfect the carpet depends on how severe the blemish is. Some can be easily prevented, while other types of smears may require professional services.  Regardless of how clean you think your carpet is, regular carpet cleaning helps avoid stain build-up.

Experts share ways to hide carpet stains until a carpet cleaner arrives, which homeowners can quickly and efficiently perform. A carpet owner must have basic cleaning materials that are readily available at home. Some people swear by baking soda, dishwashing detergent, and hydrogen peroxide.  Moreover, it is crucial to modify certain habits or lifestyles that steer clear of accidental carpet staining. Simple things such as potty training your pets, placing the shoes outside, or using doormats can fend off discoloration. Additional ways to prevent the stain from spreading or totally ruining the whole carpet are dealing with stains immediately, using the right cleaning equipment, and opting to have the carpet cleaned professionally from time to time. It is advisable to deep clean your carpets at least twice a year. Needless to say, a clean carpet enhances not only the aesthetics in your lovely abode but also improves the health of people staying there.

Quickly deal with the stain

It is no secret that the longer a smudge stays on the carpet, the more difficult it becomes to remove it completely. You can prevent stains from thorough absorption when you deal with spills the moment it happens. It is never recommended to scrub the blemish away since this will only cause it to go deeper.

Place your preferred cleaner in a rug and gently blot the affected area. You can continue blotting until the spill becomes dry and vacuum it afterward. If you are getting rid of solid filth such as gums, mud, or food stains, you can scrape these off using a dull knife.

Utilize carpet protection

A rug is not just for people to step on. Surprisingly, it also serves as excellent protection for your carpet. It is suggested to place rugs in areas that get loads of foot traffic. Rugs help by decreasing the volume of dirt and dust the carpet accumulates. Nonetheless, it is still essential to keep the rugs clean, so their carpet-guarding property is carried throughout. Furthermore, it is easier to deep clean a rug than do this on a whole carpet. 

Other forms of carpet protection include placing a mat in your front door or placing chair mats to safeguard your carpet from office chair wheels or stool legs.

Have an emergency kit within reach

An on-hand emergency kit helps you save time and money from buying another carpet. It’s best to have commercial cleaners if you encounter tough stains, but the regular household can also help in carpet cleaning. Ice cubes freeze the gums; therefore, it becomes easier to scrape off; hydrogen peroxides deal with bloodstains like a miracle, while dishwashing detergent diluted with water and club sodas are best for spills, especially wine and beer splash.


Baking soda helps maintain a long-lasting fresh scent in your carpet. Sprinkle a little bit on your carpet and allow it to settle. After a few minutes, vacuum it like you usually would, and you will notice that the baking soda has absorbed all the nasty odors, and it looks spotless.

Have a vacuuming routine

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The best way to maintain your carpet is via regular vacuum cleaning. Vacuuming prevents the dirt and dust from going deeper into the carpet. If your carpet is getting a lot of foot traffic, we suggest vacuuming at least two to three times per week. For lesser traffic, once a week cleaning should be good enough. To be efficient in this process, slow vacuuming should be practiced. Your device can thoroughly gather the dirt if you give it more time to do so.

Aside from frequent vacuuming, it is also fundamental that you invest in good quality vacuums since they are not created equal. A cordless hand grip vacuum can be used in the stairs and hard-to-reach corners, while an upright version is endorsed for broad carpeted areas.

The last thing you would want to happen is a device that breaks down and cannot collect dust and dirt. For this reason, we recommend changing filters and bags often. Doing so maintains the suction of the vacuum and prolongs its lifespan.

Ditch old habits

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Admit it. We have habits that can bring convenience to our lifestyle. However, the same practices pose a threat to maintaining our household sanitation. The good thing is that we can modify these routines for improved neatness, especially around the carpet area. One good example is leaving your shoes outside and using indoor slippers; thus, dirt accumulation is kept at a minimum. Also, shoes have a more rigid structure that can easily tear down the carpet so go for slippers with lighter materials.

If you have pets, it is best to potty train them to not spoil the carpet in case nature calls. Your pet’s urine gives off a disgusting smell that aggravates when left untreated. To combat this annoying smell, make sure you immediately clean the carpet and use repellents to keep them clear off the carpet.

These tips are indeed helpful when dealing with minor and accidental spills, but there will come a time that you will need deep cleaning for your carpet. Advocates of carpet cleaning propose having it professionally maintained twice a year. No matter how skillful we are, a reputable carpet cleaner does wonder for our floor coverings.

If you reside around Oakland, we recommend carpet cleaning and maintenance from Oakland’s Best Carpet Cleaners. Our technicians are highly trained in various services such as odor and moth removal, pet stain, and spot correction. Also, we take pride in using all-natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products and safe cleaning practices. You can book an appointment here or call 510 405 5733.

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