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Rug Cleaning Cleaning Practical Tips and Reminders: How to Clean and Maintain Your Rugs Without Hiring Professional Rug Cleaners

May 24, 2021 | Rug Cleaning Tips

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While it is essential to hire professional rug cleaners to do the job, it is also practical to learn to do it yourself. One crucial reason is it helps you save money, and you can care for your rugs more. 


If you are busy and cannot face house chores, you can always have your house helper do it for you. If not, you can always schedule a regular rug cleaning on your calendar during your free time. And if you are a parent, rug cleaning can be an excellent way to bond with your kids. This can also be an opportunity to teach them the importance of practicality and rug features.  


There are several do-it-yourself rug cleaning methods that you can watch on youtube. Most of them employ eco-friendly materials and procedures, much to your advantage if you are allergic to chemical-laden cleaning solutions. 


If you have an accommodating rug provider, you can seek their instructions on how to best clean your rugs, considering the type of rug, stains, and traffic they receive. Another option is to seek the advice of family, friends, and acquaintances who are also cleaning their rugs by themselves. 


You can maintain and clean your rugs without calling professional rug cleaners for help. Here are ways to do it:

  • Disinfect the carpet

Regularly, disinfecting your carpet can prevent the accumulation of molds, germs, and other bacterial organisms that could either cause your household illness or ruin your rug. To disinfect your rug, mix one cup of vinegar and three cups of water into a bucket for the solution. 


You can add more depending on the size of your rug. Next, scrub the solution into the rug without fully saturating the rug and let it settle for a minute. Lastly, dry your rugs under the sun to dry, or you can blot out the excess with a towel. 


Another way to disinfect your rug is by exposing it to the sun. The sun can help kill off any bacteria or organism that is lurking within the fibers of your rug. 


2. Vacuum your rugs regularly. 

Over time, dust and dirt can collect heavily on your rugs, so be sure to vacuum them regularly. Without this, a rug can become ten times heavier due to the boatload of dust and dirt that filled your rugs. 


Vacuum the fibers thoroughly, then flip the rug over to clean the other side. If you want to know if your rug is still dusty, whack it with a broom or smack it on a wall. The lingering dust can be seen falling from it. If your rug is still filled with dust, vacuum then again until you are sure none is left. 

3. Removing pet furs

If you own pets, make sure to schedule a regular pet fur removal before they cause allergies and germs on your rug. Cats and dogs enjoy sleeping in warm and comfortable areas such as rug-covered areas. 


More so, if your rug is wool-type or plush. Purchase a lint brush to remove pet furs. Removing them will allow you to clean your rugs easier when you vacuum or wash them. Also, to prevent your pets from shedding their furs on your rug, keep them groomed frequently.  

4.Regular inspection

Rugs are susceptible to dirt, given the traffic they receive every day, including the activities held by the owners. The dirt can be caused by spilled drinks, food, pets, children, etc.


A regular inspection can help you identify the spots, stains, and damage on your rug. It will also serve as a huge factor to determine which of your rugs need replacement, cleaning, or repair. 

5. Use baking soda and shampoo.

To clean your rugs without buying expensive rug cleaning solutions, you can opt to use baking soda or shampoo. Make sure the shampoo you chose to use does not cause bleaching. If you are looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution, then utilizing baking soda is for you. But, you can always search for other eco-friendly cleaning solutions. 


To use baking soda, you can soak your rug in a bucket of water filled with baking soda. Then, brush your rugs. You can rewash them using shampoo or go straight to drying them under the sun. 

6. Brush, wash, and rinse

Source: Pinterest

Another way to clean your rugs without the expensive labor of a professional rug cleaner is to wash them yourself. Dump your rugs in a basin of water with a cleaning solution such as baking soda or shampoo. 


Next, you brush them thoroughly back to back. After a generous amount of brushing, rinse well and dry them under the sun. Aso, there are dos and don’ts when it comes to washing a rug. Make sure to familiarize yourself with them to prevent damage to your rug.  

7. Do your fair share of research.

To understand and learn how to properly clean and maintain your rugs, do your fair share of research. Before using a tool, equipment, cleaning solution, or any procedure, make sure you are doing them right. Doing so will prevent permanent stains, damage, and eventually costly replacements. 


Rugs vary in quality, and with this, they also differ when caring for them. Also, there are different stains, specks of dirt, and rug problems that you can face later on. With research, you will know how to deal with them the right way. 

8. Avoid eating on your rugs.

Rugs are primarily placed in the living room, where you can chill and relax while watching your favorite movie. With this, eating always seems to be a good idea. However, if you want to maintain your rugs and prevent them from getting stains from food and beverages, avoid eating on them. 


Now that you know how to clean and maintain your rugs, purchase the right tools, products, and equipment used for the cleaning. Also, it would be best if you buy a sturdy rug fit for heavy traffic and is easily cleaned. 


A cozy and pretty view is vital to make you feel good or even impress your visitors, but a practical purchase can save you many costly expenses. Frail quality rugs can be more vulnerable to damages and eventually total replacement. 


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