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Rug cleaning is a fundamental task to keeping the integrity and beauty of your area rugs. Such as Oriental, Persian, Kilim, and silk rugs. The typical vacuuming can still eliminate superficial dust and dirt, but going for professional help provides you the best rug cleaning results. As a result, it also enhances the comfort and air quality in your residential or commercial property.

Rug Cleaning

Oakland’s Best Carpet Cleaners’ rug cleaning team is your perfect partner to bring back the vibrance and prestige of your rug. We are the #1 professional cleaners in the city who provide meticulous rug cleaning for all types of rugs. We are IICRC-certified rug technicians who specialized in rug cleaning, including particular techniques for stain and spot removal, rug deodorization, color correction, and rug re-fringing. We are the best carpet cleaners Oakland who can provide a 100% service guarantee, plus a pickup and delivery service for our Oriental rug cleaning Oakland customers.


Dull and dusty rugs lower the beauty and lifespan of your rug, plus they harbor unwanted odor in your home or office. Typical contaminants include dust, dirt, mud, grime, pet dander, molds, and food crumbs, which can eventually lead to germ growth, including bacteria, spores, dust mites, and viruses. Leaving your rugs unattended can be the hidden source of your family or workmate’s allergies or, worse, infection. 

Our cleaning team provides meticulous rug cleaning for all types of rugs. We are IICRC-certified rug technicians, who have specialized in rug cleaning, including particular techniques for stain and spot removal, rug deodorization, color correction, and rug re-fringing.

Here is our six-step rug cleaning process.

Step 1: Assessment

We will inspect your rug from its top surface to under its padding to have a thorough understanding of your rug’s cleaning requirements. We will also note your rug’s material if it is made of wool, silk, cotton, or mix, and handwoven or machine-made. These will help us determine and plan the appropriate rug cleaning Oakland techniques and products to use.

Step 2: Dusting

Dusting breaks up dust and dirt buildup from your rug. We use specially designed dusting machines, which vary depending on the type and composition of your carpet. Some might need more careful handling, especially the antique and delicate ones.

Step 3: Soaking

Once done with the dusting, we will soak your rug using water and a material-specific solution. This process further disintegrates dirt buildup and stains, removes unpleasant odor, and kills molds and bacteria. The length of soaking is dependent on your rug’s condition.

Step 4: Washing

We use two rug cleaning techniques: hand washing and machine washing. We do hand washing for antique and specialty rugs. While, for commercial wool and cotton rugs, we use machine wash with gentle settings. Our Oriental rug cleaning is the best in Oakland.

Step 5: Drying

Once the cleaning solution is thoroughly rinsed off, we will place your rug under our temperature-controlled machine with a gentle blower. Our innovative equipment ensures that your rug maintains its softness and color after the drying process.

Step 6: Final Inspection

Before we notify you that we completed our rug cleaning process, we will do one last extensive inspection to check any area that needs special attention. These are the areas with a stubborn stain, damaged fringes, or discolored spots. If there is, we will take the necessary steps to bring back your rug’s cleanliness and vibrance.


A specialty rug is a rug that has unique materials, is handmade from traditional methods, made decades of years ago, or is considered a family heirloom. It is highly valuable and should be handled with utmost care. Here are the top five specialty rugs that we handle.

Oriental Chinese Rugs

Oriental Chinese rugs are those that have colorful floral designs. You can see lotuses, carnations, and lilies in varying sizes and colors. Each has its meaning and significance. This rug type can easily bleed its color and damage its fibers. Our expert rug technicians use gentle cleaning methods and cleaning agents when handling Oriental rugs.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are popular because of their intrinsic, sophisticated designs. Most antique rugs are Persian-made. Our rug technicians are also well-trained and certified to clean and maintain such artistic items. We use gentle yet thorough cleaning methods to prevent fading or discoloration.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs have very fragile fibers. Doing DIY cleaning with commercial detergents or bleaching products may cause irreversible damage. Cleaning by rug experts will ensure safe stain and dirt removal. Using non-toxic and gentle cleaning products combined with our highly specialized cleaning process allows us to provide successful cleaning to your silk rug.

As much as area rugs add accent and beauty to your room, you must ensure that your specialty rug is cleaned and maintained regularly. Especially if it has foot traffic, your rug harbors dust, dirt, pet dander, liquid spills, food crumbs, and many more. Sometimes, it even attracts insects, such as ants and moths. Vacuuming can eliminate the surface dust, but getting the services of the #1 Oriental rug cleaning Oakland will make your rugs pristine and beautiful once more.

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Area rugs, including antique and specialty rugs like Persian, Oriental Chinese, and silk, are among the best interior accents you can place in your rooms to complete your room’s motif or theme. These rugs are precious and expensive. Therefore, for best cleaning results, it is best to leave this task to the professionals.

Carpet Cleaners Oakland is the leading carpet and rug cleaning company in the area. Besides our highly skilled team of rug technicians and well-planned cleaning process using eco-friendly products, we also provide:

Pickup and Delivery Service

We can schedule the pickup and delivery within Oakland. Our coordinator will coordinate with you for your preferred date and time of pick up, typically within the day or the next day. The delivery of your cleaned rug is made a day or two after the process is completed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide top-notch cleaning in Oakland with the most affordable costs. A part of our dedication to delivering the best is by giving our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the cleaning result, we can either re-treat your rug without added expenses on your end.

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